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Can Bio-Kinetics ™ be used on everyone?

has been safely and effectively used worldwide on tens of thousands of patients of all ages, from newborn babies to people in excess of 100 years of age.

How is the stimulation accomplished with Bio-Kinetics ™?

The stimulation is introduced to a very precise area by the New-Stim Stimulator, a mechanical instrument weighing 2 ounces. This hand-held instrument is self triggering, user and patient friendly. There is no rebound, kickback or torque effect into the user’s joints. The New-Stim Stimulator delivers from 4 ounces to 5 pounds of force per thrust.

How long has the New-Stim been in use?

We received permission to market the instrument from the Food and Drug Administration in 1995, at which time it became available for purchase. The New-Stim had been utilized in research and development since 1992. It was patented in 1995, along with the Bio-Kinetics
Contacts and "Stress-Test-Correct" procedures.

Length: Approximately 5 1/2"
Width: Approximately 5/8" at widest end
Width: less than 3/8" at contact surface tip

Is Bio-Kinetics ™ effective on patients with chronic or serious illness?

Yes. As previously stated, Robbins Pathology Medical Textbook states that "All illness and disease is the result of malfunctioning cells", and Dorlands Medical Dictionary states that "Health is the natural state when all parts are functioning normally". This is the objective with Bio-Kinetics
to return the body to its natural state by restoring and maintaining normal cellular function, which includes all parts and systems of the brain and body.

Does Bio-Kinetics ™ help patients with depression, anxiety or attention deficit disorders and hyper and hypo-sensitivities?

Yes. All conditions, regardless of their label or diagnosis are the result of malfunction at the cellular level. Once the cause is identified and the effect of that cause is normalized, normal function is restored.

How can one system help correct all of the various health problems that you've listed?

Bio Kinetics is not just one system, it is a series of procedures addressing the primary causes of malfunction in the body. We are after all one body, integrated and coordinated, designed to be in a state of health.

What proof do you have that this system influences brain function?

Bio Kinetics influences the thalamus - cortical hypothalamic loop. (Refer to neurophysology of Bio Kinetics.) The proof is pre and post electrocephagraph tests, structure balance test, surface electromyography studies and the most significant simplest test is the physiological blind spot test (see resources).

How does stimulating the thalamus affect our emotional state, what is the connection?

Emotions are recorded as energy frequencies, in the brain, each experience registers at different frequencies, (read about Bio Feed Back). Bad experiences register as aberrant erratic frequencies which in turn influence the function of other areas of the brain and affects our physical health. We have found that this stimulus, coupled with other procedures we have developed, eliminate these aberrant frequencies, the memories remain but there is no longer an emotional upset or harmful consequence. We have found emotional problems are corrected, allergies often improve or are gone, or symptoms of aches and pains, other health problems are eliminated, as stated. We are one integrated system, one part cannot be separated from the other.

Do you recommend dietary supplements, exercise, rest, etc. in your training?

Yes. We recommend commonsense. However the best diet (vitamins, minerals), exercise, mental attitude are useless if the body-brain communication system (nerve network) is compromised anywhere. (The spinal problems impacts only about 60% of the nerve system.)

How can I locate a Bio-Kinetics ™ Practitioner in my area?

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What are blind spots? I'm not sure I've ever heard of them.

You probably have if you have ever had your eyes examined. We all have a blind spot in our vision. It is where the optic nerve enters the back of the eye. This nerve carries the stimulation of light passing through the pupil and converts this stimulus to energy that is sent to the thalamus. The thalamus, in turn, routes this energy to the proper area of the brain where vision occurs. The eye is the lens. If the thalamus is not sufficiently energized we will have abnormally enlarged blind spots. In doing the blind spot test on a normal healthy person, their blind spot is about the size of nickel or quarter and will be of equal size and distance. Optometrists try to prescribe glasses to compensate for any abnormality.

What is the significance of abnormal blind spots?

That it is a window into how well your brain is functioning. The larger the blind spot, the greater the tendency to abnormal function, illness and disease. The larger the blind spot the less peripheral vision we have. Have you experienced driving on a multiple lane road and as you start to change lanes and realize there is another vehicle that you didn't see in the other lane? This might indicate that you have enlarged blind spots and the reason that we don't realize this is because we have two eyes which compensate for this condition. The significance of the blind spot is well documented. Years ago, in many states, you could not get a drivers license if the blind spot was too large.

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