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Laminated Test Charts, Set of Five

Utilizing these five (5) test charts is invaluable in your patient care. They work by triggering the subconscious memory in the patient, so that more cellular dysfunction may be located and corrected. Many Doctors work with a set of charts for each room for efficiency and convenience. Some Doctors wall mount the charts at eye level in their patient care rooms. The charts are produced with lists and colors in order to test congruency on each.. The five charts are titled Traumatic Event Reflexes, Emotional Somatic, Viscero-Somatic, Food Allergen and Environmental Allergen and comprise a multiplicity of topics and substances. Sold in sets.

Sold per set $50.00

Neuro-Emotional Checklists, Card Size Laminated Charts (Set of 3)

Three pocket size charts cover comprehensive topics in shortcut style. Multi-facet use. Covers subjects not listed on Traumatic Event Relexes or Emotional Somatic Charts.

Sold per set $22.50

Sensitivity Test Kit

White vinyl covered wooden case houses 150 food, chemical and environmental sensitivity test vials in attractive, professional and easy to use presentation. It is essential to be testing for substance, fiber, chemical, drug, environmental sensitivities which are affecting 99% of our patient population. This comprehensive Sensitivity Test Kit makes it easy to implement the Neuro-Immune facet of Bio-Kinetics into your practice.

Currently Unavailable

Patient Education Pamphlets

Sold in packs of 100 tri-folded brochures titled "New Discoveries About the Body Promises Improved Health".These yellow colored brochures discuss the causes of illness and disease and why some people get sick and others don’t; what neuro-receptors are, their function, and what causes their malfunction, and the consequences of abnormal function; discusses the Bio-Kinetics
and New-Stim Instrument and how it works to normalize the function of the brain and body. Area provided on brochure for your office name, address, telephone, etc. Sold per pack.



Black nylon holster. Velcro flap loops over belt for easy access and storage of New-Stim. Second Velcro flap covers New-Stim, when not using. Holster may be worn on belt or carried in purse. Holster is lightweight and durable.


New-Stim Stimulator

Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum and chrome-alloy steel. Very light weight, only 2 ounces. F.D.A. registered and patented. This original and unique instrument measures approximately 5 1/2" L x 5/8" wide at the rear tension adjustment cap and less than 3/8" wide at the contact surface. It was designed for the Bio-Kinetics
process to provide gentle stimulation, and to do so without any fatigue or stress to the practitioner’s joints. Keep one with you at all times. Keep one at home and the office. Serious Bio-Kinetics practitioners own several. Warranted for five years.


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