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We have provided the tools needed to maximize total health restoration on all levels. For those that do not choose to make that effort for themselves, their families and patients I feel it is extremely unfortunate.

After more than 30 years of research leading up to my major discovery in 1993, I can assure you that damage to neuro-receptors and joints, muscles, the organs of the five senses are the major causes of nerve interference, a major cause of most health problems including those of organ malfunction and muscle and joint pain.

Overview of Bio-Kinetics©

Physical interference is primarily in the spinal joints caused by mis-alignments and curvatures, which cause excess pressure and stress on joint stretch receptors. Stretch receptors in joints are part of the nerve communication network sending and receiving nerve energy and converting physical and environmental stimulation into nerve energy (electrical energy), that is then sent to the brain for storage and distribution to the body.

It is this system that is responsible for, directly or indirectly, regulating and controlling all body function.

Bio-Kinetics procedures are designed to restore and maintain health, not treat disease. Treating health problems without correcting underlying causes is like turning off the fire alarm to put out a fire.

In order to correct and eliminate any brain frequency disruption it must first be recreated. All of the procedures we teach are intended to accomplish this. We continue searching for more and better ways to uncover brain stress, both physical and emotional.

New injuries are simple to find, because the patient has presenting symptoms and physical signs. Older injuries are found through the unique protocols built into the Bio-Kinetics corrective procedures.

What does stimulating the Bio-Kinetics point do? The contact point is the closest area one can get to the brainstem. The New-Stim is designed to fit between the skull and posterior arch of the atlas vertebrae. This area has the highest percentage of stretch and mechano-joint receptors in the body. By stimulating this contact point, a charge of mechanical energy is sent into the brain. This charge of energy serves to stimulate the disrupted frequencies of the brain, which were demonstrated by all of the physical changes in the body when stress is created. A few of these indicators are muscle weakness, blood pressure change, hormonal change, etc.

By physically stressing areas of the spine to re-create this disruption and then correcting it with the precise New-Stim stimulation on the Bio-Kinetics contact point, normal brain function is restored. This is important because day to day living itself is stressful. The sooner the body can be brought to a level of high adaptability, which is indicated by a normal, balanced, stress-free spine and nerve system, the healthier we will all be.

The prior discoveries made regarding nerve interference in the extremities existed because the nerves from the spine going to these areas were being disrupted at spinal level. Once this disruption is eliminated, there is usually no further reaction in joints or scars. The exception to this would be areas of infection or new injuries.

Very Important Information


Remember, that when you’ve been seeing a patient on a consistent basis of a minimum of once a week, and they sustain a new injury, you may address the area of impact or complaint (as well as reasoning what other areas were involved in the injury) and stress-test-correct all these areas, in addition to stress testing the other areas of the basic protocol. This is the most efficient way to address these situations.

If an established patient is seen less frequently than one time per week, and they sustain a new injury, it is advisable to address the entire physical protocol first, inclusive of the injured areas, rather than the injured areas only. You would not want to miss areas that needed correction, because when this happens the patients may exhibit new symptoms, or re-occurring symptoms of the areas of injury.

Keep in mind that there is always an emotional component to an acute injury, as addressed in the manual. Asking casual questions i.e.; “Tell me how you were injured,” or “What happened in the accident,” engages the
emotional aspect of the injury. Asking these questions, while assessing
and clearing the areas of physical injury and malfunction, clears the emotional aspect of the present pain, and speeds the healing process.

UPDATE…….August 1, 2003…


All living organisms are surrounded by energy fields. Often referred to as bio-electric, bio-energetic, auric or electromagnetic fields of the body, these fields interface with everything we come into contact with, from the energy fields of others such as our loved ones, our pets, co-workers, and strangers, to man-made electromagnetic fields emanating from machinery, satellites, appliances, utility lines, computers, cell phones and more.

Especially pertinent to the subject of illness and health is the interaction of man-made electromagnetic fields with our own natural energy fields.

According to Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of Cross Currents, The Perils of Electropollution, he states that “We are affected many ways known and unknown by the pulsing fields that criss cross all the space in which we live.”

The human body functions through a bevy of electric impulses or frequencies. When they are disrupted or altered by incompatible man-made frequencies the effects can be devastating. Just consider the human heart, for instance, which has an easily detectable impulse, its heartbeat. Imagine it being disrupted, and the consequence to its function.

A study of 140,000 electrical workers studied over a 38 year period concluded that people who worked in the presence of strong electromagnetic energy fields were three times as likely to die from heart attacks as people with smaller exposure. The study, reported in the January, 1999 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, further stated that the electromagnetic energy appeared to affect the electrical impulses of the heart and cause abnormal rhythms or arrhythmias.

Low frequency electromagnetic fields can be detrimental to life as well. A study conducted by Dr. Jose M. Delgado, a world reknown neuro-physiologist from Madrid Spain, tested the effects of low electromagnetic frequencies for birth or embryonic defects. Exposing chick embryos to magnetic ELF fields of 10, 100, 1000 Hz – and extremely low fields strengths – embryonic malformations were produced by all three frequencies, with most occurring with the 100 Hz fields. At this frequency, major developmental defects were produced by field strengths as low as 1 milligauss. Because these results created great consternation, the experiment was repeated numerous times by other independents in the scientific community, as well by laboratories sponsored by the U.S. Navy, resulting in the same findings.

Robert O. Becker, M.D. further states, “All man-made electromagnetic fields, regardless of their frequencies produce the same biological effects. These effects are:

• Effects on growing cells, such as increase in the rate of cancer cell division
• Increase in the incidence of certain cancers
• Developmental abnormalities in embryos
• Alterations in neuro-chemicals, resulting in behavioral abnormalities such as suicide
• Alterations in biological cycles
• Stress responses in exposed animals that, if prolonged lead to declines in immune-system efficiency
• Alterations in learning ability”

Aside from the better recognized pollutants we are surrounded by, an often overlooked pollutant that comes from the modern technologies we have come to depend on, is electromagnetic pollution, which, to varying degrees brings a serious threat of damaging human life.

There are, also, naturally occurring fields of energy emanating from deep within the earth’s body that have been known to disrupt the human energy field. They are known as ley lines, power lines and water lines, all of which emit electromagnetic radiation. When these intersect the frequencies are altered, and harmful effects may be experienced from frequent exposure.

There is much reading available on the dangers of electro-pollution and geo-pollution should you wish to become more educated and familiar with these matters. While the overall impact on living organisms to these exposures may not be fully known or understood in our lifetime, there is sufficient evidence available today to warrant taking this subject very seriously. At the very least we can protect ourselves with minimal exposure whenever possible, and utilize the processes of Bio-Kinetics to balance and harmonize our own bio-electric field when in the presence of harmful frequencies. One does not need to become an expert in the field of electromagnetic energy to do this, one needs only to follow the basic Bio-Kinetics protocol when exposed, or stressed by any stressor to the human body.

©2003 New-Stim Bio-Kinetics Seminar, authored by – Michele Newsum

UPDATE…….November 20, 2001…

WITH Bio-Kinetics
by Michele Newsum, Co-Founder of Bio-Kinetics

Every second our brain sensor is photographing, categorizing, and memorizing all aspects of our environment including the sounds, sights, colors, textures, smells, shapes, and feel of everything present in our field of experience. Whether we are joyful, happy, or frightened in that second, all of it, including the emotion and perceptions, become unified into a “holographic event experience”, and frozen within every particle and cell within the body-mind. From that point in time any aspect of that unified “holographic event experience”, when accessed, may trigger a conscious or unconscious memory of the event, and the body-mind will respond in the same ways as it did during the initial experience.

A child playing baseball at the park, gets hit in the head with the ball, and knocked to the ground by the blow. The surroundings include tall trees, green grass, and he is hearing “The Star Spangled Banner” being played on a radio. In that childs’ future whenever he may be around any one or more of the elements present at the time of his trauma with the baseball, he may be automatically brought into the holographic event by seeing a baseball, and/or any baseball gear, such as a bat, or cap; by watching baseball on television; seeing the color green, smelling green grass, seeing a certain tree or leaf, or hearing “The Star Spangled Banner playing; or from falling down in a similar way to his initial fall; or receiving another blow to the head or simply by inadvertently rubbing his own head.

Oftentimes, the person is not conscious of the memory, however the body is always conscious, and will respond as if it was presently happening by showing changes in pulse, respiration, galvanic skin response, hormonal changes, head, neck, shoulder pain, and so on. Whether it has been months, years, or a lifetime since the occurrence of the initial trauma, the conscious and/or subconscious memory of it, in all its aspects, remains within the global energy system of the body-mind.

In everyday life, the tendency of the general public when a headache, indigestion, or joint pain arises, is to address it for pain relief purposes, or to ignore it, and rarely is any thought given to why this anomaly has just occurred. The holographic event model shows us that in that moment when symptoms arise, one or more aspects of a past trauma have been mirrored through the subconscious trigger mechanism. The causation of the headache, or finger pain that seems to come “out of the blue” may be found in a past experience that the person thinks little of or may not even remember.

Bio-Kinetics is designed to restore normal function to brain wave frequencies. The positive response to a muscle test or structural imbalance in the body is an indication of brain wave frequency disruption.

Mastery of Bio-Kinetics comes first with practice. Then further mastery comes with “following the trail” One very effective and efficient way to do this is in using our testing charts in the following way in our own care, and with patients as well.

As you can see, we have gathered all pertinent aspects of the “event” without having to consciously know all the particulars ahead of time. We begin with whatever we find. It doesn’t matter which chart we test first. We can also, use the same principles outlined above after we have physically located a physical stressor in the body, then “follow the trail” through use of the charts.

Keep in mind that the four major stressors people experience; physical, chemical, mental-emotional, and electromagnetic are present in every event and experience.

I suggest that our philosophy include the awareness that symptoms are important factors in the health setting as keys to unraveling the holographic event experience. They can be a starting place from which to begin “following the trail” to the original cause and in eliminating the sources of the condition we will have achieved permanent correction.

Uncovers Another Level of Stress

We encourage your creativity in testing out additional ways to introduce stress to the system. The objective is to locate any abnormal frequencies that disrupt the proper function of the thalamo-corticol-hypo-thalamic loop which is essential to health and longevity.

If you have articles, resources, testimonials, or findings that will support and enhance the Bio-Kinetics ™ network please forward to us. Please provide source to include author, title, publisher, page and copyright disclaimer whenever possible and applicable.

We encourage you to send in your testimonials about patient results. We are happy to publish these with your name, city and state space permitting.

How long has it been since you have been to a refresher?

• We continually strive to bring forth refinements in how we teach so that you gain as much as possible and bring home more understanding, proficiency and results! We continually strive to enhance and refine the procedures to provide technology that promotes ease, speed and results!

• The protocols and components of Bio-Kinetics ™ have been developed to work with the whole system in its entirety, leaving nothing out. Although the human system looks to be compartmentalized, we all know that it is not., Therefore, to fully help people, the whole human system must be addressed and because of the body’s holographic and interdependent nature, to help our patients return to health we must locate every area of dysfunction at a cellular level. This is why Bio-Kinetics ™ consists of the physical, subluxation correction, neuro-emotional, neuro-immune, and bio-electromagnetic components. We encourage you to become knowledgeable and proficient in all the components in order to return more of the population to health.

• We must each look upon our own health and well being as first and foremost, so that we are able to help and support others. So many of our practitioners have improved their personal relationships, improved chronic and acute conditions for themselves by making the Bio-Kinetics ™ Health and Longevity Self Care routines a way of life. If you have not been doing the self care, we encourage you to. To help our patients and families, we must be in the peak of health and vitality. Bio-Kinetics ™ gives you the tools to enhance your health, attitudes, and perspectives. If you need more coaching, come to a class. We teach this segment in an interactive format to include the Physical and Subluxation Stress-Test-Correct™ procedures and the Neuro-Emotional Stress-Test-Correct™ procedures. Several new ways to self test are taught.

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