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In my thirties and mid-forties, I struggled with recurring upper respiratory infections and bronchitis that sometimes turned into pneumonia. I had seasonal allergies that would cause intense, repetitive sneezing jags. I began to develop sleep apnea and was considering the use of a CPAP machine, but didn't like idea of being slave to a breathing machine the rest of my life. I would frequently wake up gasping for air - very distressing for me and my poor wife. We had adopted a kitten, however, I didn't seem to have any noticeable reactions to the cat - no itching or sneezing, so I assumed that I was not allergic to the cat. However, little by little, I began to realize that as the cat grew older, I began to develop a stronger sensitivity - but not enough to make a decision to find a new home for the cat. Sometimes, when I was awakened with respiratory distress - it would actually cause numbness to certain areas of my head and scalp. However, I still hadn't connected the dots that my sleep apnea may be caused by allergic sensitivities.


One day, however, I had a very intense reaction to what I realized later was multiple allergens. I had just mowed the lawn and was playing in the grass with my two young daughters. A neighborhood black cat walked over and we played with her for about an hour. I didn't have an immediate reaction during the daytime, however, that night I had a very severe respiratory episode. I woke up again gasping for air. Part of my face and neck were completely numb. This time, we decided to make a trip to the emergency room. The doctors there gave me a full physical examination and did complete blood work. They could not figure out what was going on - they said all my clinical laboratory results were normal, but nobody had suggested the possibility of allergic anaphylaxis. The next week, I went for another full medical physical. The doctor still did not mention anything about allergies, however, by now I was finally connecting the dots. Coincidentally, that week I read an article in Readers Digest that said the dander of black cats was more hyper allergenic than other breeds. Finally, I became 100% sure that my recurring respiratory issues were being caused by allergies. One day, I read an article about BioKinetics. I immediately flew out to California to do the training. My chiropractic practice had been primarily limited to treatment of musculoskeletal problems at that time. Within 3 weeks of self-treatment using BioKinetics techniques, all of the sleep apnea symptoms went away. I have not experienced another such episode, nor any more upper respiratory infections in over 10 years. In my chiropractic practice, I have been able to help many people using BioKinetics methods. I can now hold and pet cats without any problem. When seasonal allergies are effecting everyone else, I do not have to worry any more about my seasonal allergies cycling back around. I am very grateful to Dr. Newsum for developing a system that effectively desensitizes the brain's expression of many types of stimuli: allergies, pain syndromes, addictions, and many other systemic problems. The knowledge of this system has given me better insight into the science of neuroplasticity, equipping me to streamline the BioKinetics system for my own personal use. Now we are seeing many doctors in the medical world beginning to develop their own methods based on the science of neuroplasticity. Whether they realize it or not, we can thank visionaries like Dr. Newsum for pioneering these concepts.


Dr. Matthew Brown

Dallas, Texas




I had been having problems walking for several years but it got worse in the last nine months. I had to stop going to the gym because it was too tiring and too painful for me. I had been to my regular GP, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massotherapy and another chiro. Nothing helped.

I had no energy, I was always out of breath, had lower back pain and my legs felt tired all the time. All winter, after my walk with the dog, I would bring three or four armful of wood in, fill up the bird feeders and I was exhausted, finished for the day.
In February, my sister suggested that I see Dr. Riccardo Cifola. His approach in Bio-Kinetics really worked for me. After a few treatments, the pain in my lower back subsided and I started getting my energy back. My breathing got much better and the tiredness in my legs slowly went away.

Now I do more in one week than I did in 9 months. I can walk 30 minutes without having to stop to rest my legs and my breathing is back to normal. I'm doing stretching exercises every day and in two weeks I'll be back at the gym.

Not only did Dr. Cifola 'fix me up' but he gave me hope that I can grow older without pain.


Denise Legare
Rosemere, Quebec


Submitted by Donald J. Baune, D.C., D.A.C.N.B., Torrance, CA


My name is Barbara Eagan, Minnesota. I am a living testimony of the power of Bio-Kinetics! I am forever grateful to Dr. Newsum and his technology for I have my life back because of his remarkable discoveries! Here is my story.

Four months ago, I was hospitalized, again, for treatment of a chronic condition I have had since I was 20 years of age, Crohns Disease, a serious infection and inflammation of my large bowel.

I am 32 years of age now and the doctors told me that I required the removal of my colon, or I would die. I had already had 21 inches of my intestines removed 8 years ago. I have had chronic diarrhea for years. If I had complied with their recommendation, it would have meant wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of my life. At the time I was hospitalized. I was experiencing several abscesses throughout my colon, with 2 penetrating the colon wall. A drain was attached to allow the poisons to drain out of my body. My body had not been absorbing nutrients, even with the IV’s antibiotics and nurtients were not being absorbed, I was bloated and literally starving!

My husband, Dr. Greg Wastl having taught nutritional, herbal and chiropractic programs for years, told my doctors that we would find another option, for removing my colon was not one! His being in touch with the latest developments in the health field, he had heard about Dr. Lawrence Newsum and the miraculous benefits that were being reported with use of his work.

My husband knew that my life could not wait for him to take the next Bio-Kinetics training class 4 weeks away, I was dying and needed help immediately. When Dr. Newsum learned of the severity of my condition, he invited us to his clinic in California .

Miracles do happen, I am a witness.

We arrived at Dr. Newsum’s Lomita , California office on a Tuesday at 2 PM. The pain in my body was so severe that I could barely tolerate being touched, and was medicated with pain relievers for the travel from Minnesota . I am 5’9’ tall and weighed 90 pounds when we arrived. I was very weak, barely able to walk on my own. The skin on my hands was cracked and peeling, and my fingers had open sores. I had not had a normal bowel movement in at least 3 years.

After arrival at Dr. Newsum’s office, I received care every 10-15 minutes. My husband was being trained concurrently, as Dr. Newsum worked on me for the rest of the afternoon. The process he developed stimulated my brain function and increased nerve and energy flow throughout my system. I was surprised that I did not experience any appreciable discomfort from the work being done on me. Every aspect of my health was considered and addressed. I was being observed by several Doctors in-training during that first day, and during the night my husband periodically worked on me with Dr. Newsum’s process.

The 2nd day, we arrived at Dr. Newsum’s office at 8 AM. The doctor immediately began to check me, and was pleased at the improvements I had made, needless to say, so was I! Changes that I noted were: more physically flexible; the abscesses continued draining, even without the drains that were removed at the hospital when I insisted on checking out. By 9 AM the abscesses were almost completely drained. Within a few hours, I had my first normal bowel movement in over 3 years!

During this second day, Dr. Newsum or my husband continued to check and work on me whenever my body indicated it needed help. We went to lunch and I was able to eat and hold down my food. Even during lunch, the doctors continued to check and work on me as needed.

Thursday morning, 2 days after arriving, was the first time in months that I felt like dressing up, as I had been living in sack dresses in order to minimize discomfort to my abdomen!. Also that morning, I surprised everyone by doing yoga stretches and had more flexibility than ever before!

This letter was written 3 months after my visit to Dr. Newsum’s clinic in California , and exposure to his remarkable process, Bio-Kinetics. My medical doctors are amazed and do not understand how I could have improved so quickly and thoroughly. They report that all my blood chemistry is normal, and I am assimilating my food and have gained 20 pounds. These were the same doctors that had told me 3 months before that I would be dead within a few months without removal of my colon!

I have given Dr. Newsum permission to use my story however he deems. I just hope and pray that others will understand that the body that God gave you is capable of recovery from anything when all of its parts are working normally! Bio-Kinetics can make miracles happen!

Barbara Wastl
, Minnesota

P.S. It has been over 3 years since Barbara told her story above, and she has had no reoccurrence of the symptoms of Crohns Disease. Her body chemistry, digestive and elimination systems continue to function normally.


My name is Jim Curton. I am an insurance agent in Torrance , California .

Until 3 years ago, I suffered from virtually every allergy you could imagine from the time I was a child. It seemed like everything caused me to breakout in hives and skin rashes. I could hardly eat any normal food, and I had to order special food. I was on all kinds of medication and my health was declining.

I was being seen by the top allergist in Southern California , who was at his wit’s end to find some way to help me. I had tried herbs, vitamins, chiropractic, acupuncture, and every method I could find, including allergy shots and medication. Somethings would help for awhile, but never completely, and my symptoms would be back in a few days to a week. I asked the doctor what was in store for me and he told me with tears, in his eyes, that it looked like I would end up in a plastic bubble for the rest of my life.

You see, I had already had the mucus membranes in my sinuses removed and used a spray to keep my sinuses moist (the doctors had removed 2 surgical bowls of polyps). In addition, I was experiencing a sharp, stabbing pain in my chest when I moved in certain ways or tried to straighten up. This was a result of an auto accident that happened when I was 14 years old and I am now 57 years of age.

My final problem was the result of a hernia operation. In 1980, a Dupont patch was installed, which eventually caused swelling and scar tissue and left my abdominal wall stiff and hard. This made it difficult and painful to bend forward, but I learned to live with this limitation.


Within days after starting under Bio-Kinetics care my rash subsided and within a few months all my other symptoms were gone or greatly reduced. Within 3 months, the pain, stiffness and hardness in my abdomen were gone, and I could bend over without limitation. I am now allergy and pain free and I feel like a 19 year old. I have been able to eat I want, and I can go anywhere I want, and do anything I want – it is wonderful to experience this freedom for the first time in my life.

Jim Curton
, California


For 15 years my husband was treated by accupuncturists, and chiropractors for his sleep apnea with partial success. It wasn’t until he received Bio-Kinetics care that it was permanently resolved. Now he can breathe normally during the night! I can breathe a sigh of relief, AND we both sleep normally through the night now! We are so grateful for what we have been given! Bio-Kinetics has changed our lives!

Jan Miyake
Los Angeles, CA.


I am writing this testimonial to recognize Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum and Bio-Kinetics.

My name is Wesley Jackson. I am a chiropractor, 71 years of age, practicing in Florence, Alabama. Four years ago out of desperation, I attended a Bio-Kinetics Training Seminar, hoping to help my own health. I say out of desperation because I was in the advanced stages of diabetes, with severe diabetic neuropathy in both feet. I had already had two toes amputated, and was scheduled to have two more removed. The pain of standing or walking was excruitiating. I wore special padded shoes to even walk a few feet.

Additionally, I had very high blood pressure 220/140, and was on the verge of bankruptcy, having been unable to work for over a year.

A major benefit of Bio-Kinetics is being able to help oneself in all aspects of health including spinal correction, restoration of organ function and more.

After returning home, following the Bio-Kinetics training, I continued to use the procedures as often as I could. I swear before God, that within two weeks I could stand and walk for hours painfree. Within one month I began seeing patients and within two months my blood pressure was 140/80 and has remained normal for these past 4 years.

Bio-Kinetics gave me my life back! My health has improved, and I have the stamina to work again and help others with this incredible, cutting edge technology.

Wesley Jackson, D.C.
Florence, AL


The above two pictures show the tip of a mans finger that had been sliced off in an accident in the summer of 2005. It was surgically stitched back together, however it failed to heal. These pictures show what his finger looked like just before he began Bio-Kinetics . Notice the infection and gangreen developing at the tip (black discoloration within and around the white tip. The white tip is not his fingernail, it is dead skin at the tip of his finger). His doctors scheduled him for amputation, since this is typically the only alternative when a limb develops gangreen.

One week after beginning Bio-Kinetics .
Notice the gangreen is gone and the finger is beginning to heal.

Two months after beginning Bio-Kinetics .
Only a small scab left. Healing almost complete.

Finger completely healed.
His doctors were AMAZED and said it was not possible.


February 5, 1991 I was diagnosed with a tumor on the 3rd left ventricle of the hyptothalamus. The tumor was the size of a pea, but my symptoms were severe headaches, visual problems, confusion, difficulty concentrating, almost no sense of taste, no sense of smell, and the experience of being in a vacuum when I would lean my head forward. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments were intolerable, so they were discontinued.

My symptoms persisted and my eyesight worsened.

On August 31, 1999 I consulted Dr. Riccardo J. Cifola. A few hours after the 2nd treatment I vomited blood and blood clots. I continued the treatments anyway and I was happy with this phenomenon. I associated this reaction with the elimination of the tumor. I had often visualized this scene. There was some bleeding again on a few occasions, it never lasted long and I always felt relieved afterwards.

Mid December I started to get my sense of taste and smell back. I vomited blood for the last time at the beginning of December 1999. February 1, 2000, I had a scan done. The report indicated "the cerebral densitometry is homogeneous. No evidence of a hemorrhagic spot or mass effect- Normal examination"

I pay tribute to Dr. Riccardo J. Cifola of Rosemere, Quebec and hope that the science of Bio-Kinetics becomes better known throughout the world. I hope that doctors such as Dr. Cifola have the opportunity to explain this science to a wider audience, so that they can be heard and recognized in the world of medicine.

Quebec, Canada


I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and unable to work. I have been feeling anxious, depressed, and hopeless. Unable to sleep, insomnia. My son suffered a brain injury and major life changes included my fathers death and being disowned by my mother. I had physical pain in my legs a lot of the time.

One year after being under Bio-Kinetics care with Dr. Dennis Pick, I am happy most of the time. I sleep well 98% of the time and fall asleep easily. I am working almost full time and enjoying what I do. My relationships with others and myself are good. I feel clear when making decisions in my life now, and rarely have pain.



For the past 7 years my diet has been limited to 6 food items. Whenever I attempted to add other foods into my diet, I would experience rashes, shortness of breath, congestion, and stomach and intestinal pain. I had been unable to consistently work due to chronic fatigue. After coming under Bio-Kinetics care, my Doctor identified and cleared me of 19 food and environmental allergies, including peanuts! I have been eating anything I want and feeling great! I have been playing volleyball and golf. My stamina and endurance have returned and I am looking forward to my upcoming wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.

Dominic Infante
Lomita, CA


My name is Richard Mossberg and I am writing this to tell people about Dr. Newsum and his new discoveries. About one year ago while working on a roof, I fell. While falling I caught the scaffold with one arm. I was 52 years of age and weighed 242 lbs at the time. I hurt my back so badly that I was taken to a hospital. After six months of physical therapy I was released with 50% disability.

I am a cement contractor and do other construction work, as well. I couldn’t afford to live on disability. I needed to get back to work. I had been to Dr. Newsum in the past, and he had helped me, so I went back under his care. Fortunately, my workers compensation carrier agreed to my continued care.

I started to improve and was almost ready to be released from the workers compensation case, when the car I was driving was re-ended by another car. To make this story short, I experienced sever pain down both legs. It hurt to a lot to stand, sit, and walk. I could only lie down for short periods in any one position without experiencing severe pain.

My attorney and the insurance company sent me to 4 different orthopedic doctors who did all kinds of MRI tests, and found I had 3 herniated discs, with 4mm protrusions. They all recommended surgery. I would rather eat glass than be cut on, so I refused. Dr. Newsum had helped me before, so I stayed with his care.

After one year, under his care, I am writing because I am very grateful for the results. I am pain free and I have returned to full time cement and construction work.

Richard Mossberg
, CA

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