An Overview

Most dictionaries define health as normal function, not how we feel. Illness and disease is the absense of normal function, with and without symptoms.


Grays Anatomy states: The brain and nerve systems regulate and control, directly or indirectly, all body function. How is this accomplished? Studies have shown that our nerve system is electro-chemical in nature, similar to a battery. Energy is generated in our muscles, joints and the organs of the five senses. This electro-chemical energy is then sent to the brain for storage and distribution back into the body in the form of energy frequencies, referred to as the frequency of firing of neurons.


“We are a buzzing, moving network, largely of neuroreceptors and peptides that make up the elements of the transport system that carries information around the body.” Candace Pert, Ph.D., Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics School of Medicine, Georgetown University, WA.


As Professor Harold Burr, Ph.D. states, “Energy starts it all. Nothing exists without energy.” In fact, Albert Einstein Stated, “All there is in the universe is energy, vibrating at different frequencies.” Albert Gyorsmi, M.D., a Nobel Prize laureate states, “Body chemistry is controlled by energy fields.”


There are many forms of energy vibrations within cells, between cells and throughout the body. All these vibrational frequencies are interrelated and interdependent. The nerve system receives and transmits these energy vibrations to and from the brain, where they are coordinated for total body health. Interruption or interference causes a disruption of these frequencies, which leads to malfunction in the body, leading to disease.


“We as human organisms are a series of interacting multidimensional subtle energy systems, and if these energy systems become imbalanced there may be resulting pathological symptoms which manifest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.” From introduction by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., to Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, by Richard Gerber, M.D.


Logically then, one should look to this energy system for the cause of many health problems.

We know that Bio-Kinetics changes the spine.


The above photos are examples of correction of the neck curve using
Bio-Kinetics . As a result of this, these patients experienced:

  1. Less pain and stiffness.
    B. More range of motion.
    C. A stronger, more stable neck and spine.
    D. Less pressure on the disc reducing bulging.
    E. Slowing or stopping of degenerative arthritis.
    F. Better brain stimulation for optimum memory, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Kirilian photographs showing that the Bio-Kinetics process changes and increases the energy output of the body.


After (3 minutes apart).

It has been assumed for many years that the energy we call life was generated in the brain by chemical action, or that it came from outside the body. This is not true. It has been observed for decades that if a new born baby is wrapped up and not allowed to move freely, as was the case in some hospitals in the Soviet Union, these newborn babies would die in just a matter of weeks. It wasn’t until recent neuro-physiological discoveries were made that we fully understood the mechanism for this. Movement of muscles, joint and the organs of the five senses convert environmental and mechanical stimulation into electro-chemical nerve energy that is sent to the brain.


“When these nerve impulses reach the various parts of the brain, they, along with frequencies from receptor/nerve pathways from other parts of the brain and body, provide the necessary stimulation of the brain to actually function (a process called “spatial summation”). The brain and nervous systems are a series of receptor/nerve pathways linked to each other in a “nerve network system.” Each part of this network system depends on the frequency of firing from all the other parts.


In scientific terms, stimulation from joints and muscles stimulate the Thalamus, a large switchboard nucleus located deep inside the brain. The thalamus receives information from all senses, except smell, and routes it to the appropriate area of the cortex. The integrated state of the thalamus is very critical for optimal function of the nervous system. For example, the thalamo-hypothalamo-reticulospinal loop is very important for proper stimulation/inhibition of the autonomic sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The thalamo-cortico-striatal loops are very important in coordinated movement patterns. Virtually all function of the brain depends on stimulation of the thalamus and cerebellum from receptors inside joints and muscles.


Neuroreceptors are distributed in a very precise cell pattern, with the fewest number in the feet and hands increasing in number when one moves up the body toward the brain. The highest percentage is in the atlanto-occipital joints (approximately 200 times more than in other areas of the neck).”


When all is well in the body, this neuronal firing is organized, predictable and measurable, such as brain waves, heart rate, etc.


When anything happens that disrupts this frequency of firing, abnormal function occurs (the fight or flight syndrome). Symptoms may occur instantly as in the case of physical injury or may not be recognizable for months or years in the case of emotional, chemical or electro-magnetic disruption. Often by the time we are aware of this disruption, organ deterioration has occurred.


What are some of the most common experiences that cause disruption of frequencies? By far the two most common causes of disrupted frequencies are physical injury and emotional trauma. Fortunately most physical injuries heal. Unfortunately, if these physical injuries involve the spine, they don’t heal. Why?


Survival is a major goal of our bodies. Not only survival to the environment, but survival in spite of the many accidents and injuries sustained over a lifetime.


A major survival technique used by the intelligence of the body is referred to as compensation. This compensation occurs most often in the spine. Virtually all spinal problems are the result of compensation to misalignment of the cervical spine.


These injuries commonly occur during the birthing process, caused by either a difficult birth or the doctor assisting in delivery by pulling on the head and neck of the infant. This trauma can result in injury to the cervical spine, meningies, and/or cranial vault, leading to increased stress on the brain and brain stem. To reduce this harmful stress, the innate intelligence begins to distribute the stress down the spinal joints, ultimately affecting the entire spine. This can occur instantly, in the case of falls, and other accidents, or gradually over time. When the normal cervical lordotic (anterior) curve is altered in any way, the entire spine must adapt. There is increased pressure and stress on the joints, and muscle tone is affected.


When the spine compensates all the way to the sacrum, the stress is then distributed into joints in the hips, knees, ankles and feet. A very high percentage of hip, knee and foot problems are caused by this compensation.


Interestingly, when using the Bio-Kinetics procedures for correction, we often find changes occurring in the feet first, then the knees and back up the spine, in that order. We also see improvement in the spine at the same time.


The next most common cause of disrupted frequencies is our emotional state. We all know that our brains retain memory of any and everything we ever experience. Good or bad, these memories are part of the firing frequency of our bodies. Buried memories may actually cause more harm than those that are readily recalled. Most psychiatrists and psychologists believe this is so.


Other categories of disrupted frequencies are those caused by chemicals. As a rule, chemical disruption occurs when one is exposed to substances that are not compatible with one’s own frequencies, these can be toxins that affect everyone adversely (arsenic, lye, rat poison, etc.) or just a substance or condition that affects a few (allergies and chemical sensitivities). However, allergies to exist an individual’s body must first have malfunction or we would all experience the same symptoms at the same time (cause and effect).


Another common cause of disrupted energy frequency is the product of modern society commonly referred to as EMFs: Electromagnetic Frequencies. All electrical devices have a field of energy surrounding them. Those energy fields have varying degrees of distribution. An electric razor has a very weak field. Hair dryers, because of the resistance in the coil that produces heat, has a much stronger field, often extending a foot or more from the operating hair dryer. Microwave, computer and television screen fields have been measured up to 12 to 14 inches from the screen. High tension lines and transformers have been measured up to 100 feet to adversely affect this frequency of firing; cell phones up to eight inches from the user and neon lights up to 12 inches away. We are very fortunate indeed to be able to adapt to some degree to all of these various threats to our survival. As long as we are not constantly and continuously exposed to these devices we survive quite nicely.


However, there is one thing that we cannot avoid: ourselves. Emotional trauma is always going to be with us unless the disrupted frequencies brought about by recalled memory are eliminated. One can never eliminate the memory, but the disrupted brain frequencies can be eliminated. Bio-Kinetics, working directly on the brain is effective for normalizing the frequencies.


In the beginning of this article, we mention that life energy is generated in muscle and joints by stimulation of muscle stretch and mechano-joint receptors and receptors in the head (to a very small degree in the skin as well). An estimated 75% to 80% of all energy and neural communication is via the muscle and joint receptors with the highest percentage in the spine.


The spine has a 142 joints and 5 layers of muscles. When vertebrae become misaligned, there is a detrimental effect on joint receptors. In either event, it alters the frequency of firing of the brain and ultimately the function of the entire body, the precursor to most illness and disease, called lowered resistance.


Unless something is done to correct these misalignments and curvatures to eliminate this pressure and irritation on the joint receptors, there is a constant and continuous disruption of brain wave frequencies. Bio-kinetics restores nerve function by eliminating the interference from mechano joint and muscle stretch receptors caused by fixations and adhesions. (The importance of the spine for health has been known for thousands of years. 2700 years ago, Hippocrates, the so-called Father of Medicine wrote, “In disease, look first to the spine for the cause.”)


It is with the combination of the stress/correct protocols, and stimulation with the New-Stim instrument on the precise contact area that Bio-Kinetics eliminates virtually all past and present areas of interference and corrects neuroreceptor dysfunctions. Bio-Kinetics can be used to clear spinal, musculo-skeletal, organ problems and malfunctions, and more. Chemical sensitivies (allergies), emotional stress patterns and electromagnetic frequency interference are often corrected in minutes on most people. Unique to the Bio-Kinetics system is that is can be used to maintain health with ongoing monitoring and corrective care as needed, not only for patients, but also for the doctor, on his or herself.


Treating disease to improve health is analogous to treating cold to warm up a room, or treating darkness to light up a room. Cold is the absence of heat, and darkness is the absence of light. Cold and darkness do not otherwise exist. In the same way, disease is the absence of health. Restoring the heat naturally eliminates cold, restoring light naturally eliminates darkness, and restoring health naturally eliminates sickness and disease.


The Bio-Kinetics procedures have been developed over the past thirty seven years by Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum of Rancho Palos Verdes, California, founder and developer of the Newsum Bio-Kinetics Health Restoration System ( With the help of colleague, Dr. Donald J. Baune, a Chiropractic Neurologist, he was able to compile the information explaining how it works, and develop a concise and teachable program.