Restoring Health From Its Source

Bio-Kinetics (also known as Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. - Reactive Stress Elimination Technique).
A Complete Health Care System.

The Bio-Kinetics Health System is a highly effective natural health system that works with your body to restore health and well being. It uses a unique and proprietary approach to safely stimulate and interrupt reactive stress patterns in your body that are getting in the way of you healing at your deepest level.

General Public

Welcome to the general public section of our site. Please feel free to browse our entire site because the articles are written in easy to understand language so you can learn how this process may help you or someone you love express higher levels of health and well-being in life. Clearing your body of reactive stress responses and shifting out of protection mode and into healing mode, can be the best thing you have ever done for your health.  

Some of the main benefits of Bio-Kinetics include: 

  1. Help eliminate pain anywhere in the body such as headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, arm or leg pain, etc.
  2. Reduce the pain and swelling from acute injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle pulls, disc problems and joint problems; and thereby reducing healing time from these injuries. 
  3. Correct and stabilize spinal problems.
  4. Remove interference to glands and organs; improving function, resistance and health.
  5. Clear food sensitivities (sometimes known as allergies).
  6. Clear toxic chemical sensitivities.
  7. Improve brain clarity and function.
  8. Clear the effect of negative feelings such as fears, phobias, guilt, anxieties, depression, hostility, anger, resentment and unforgiveness. 
  9. Clear the negative effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (E.M.F.’s), thus allowing for optimal adaptation to potentially harmful environmental electrical pollution. No need for expensive devices to balance your energy fields.

The Bio-Kinetics Health System (also known as Re.S.E.T. – Reactive Stress Elimination Technique) is taught in two ways. It is taught to health-care professionals for them to use in their practices to help improve the health of their patient population.  We have taught practitioners from all over the world how to effectively use this process. To find a trained professional in your area, please go to the “Doctor Locator” section of this website. 

We also teach this process to the general public for self-care use only, which means that you cannot legally use this on another person other than yourself without having a license to do so. Please visit for more information on how you can learn this highly effective process for yourself.