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Also known as Bio-Kinetics Health System

Meet The Doctors

Welcome from the Founder and Developer, Dr. L. E. Newsum.

For thousands of years mankind has searched outside himself for health, success and happiness when in fact it all lies within us. This material is for those who want to learn a new way of viewing health and longevity.

This website is presented for both the general public and health care professionals. We have trained health care professionals from all over the world, and we have taught many people these procedures to use on themselves.

I have searched to understand the true causes of health and dis-ease, and this search took me deep into the sciences of neurology, physiology, quantum physics, and many of the alternative health disciplines. Bio-Kinetics is the result of this quest and is based upon my years of research, many new discoveries and up-to-date information in all these fields, along with methods I developed to incorporate these new discoveries.

We know that many people today are health conscious and exercise, take supplements, eat right and think good thoughts. But if that were all that were necessary for good health, then no one who follows this regime would ever have health problems. These are all important contributors but not the major requirement for good health.

Coordinated energy running in and through all living things is the absolute requirement for good health. Without this, nothing else works. You can put all the vitamins, pills or potions into a corpse and nothing will happen. Optimum life energy is the goal of Bio-Kinetics , and I hope you find the information in this website helpful to you in your quest for better health.

The human body is basically a receptor based organism. The brain only knows frequency of firing. Incorrect or insufficient information (sensory input) yields aberrant function.

The joint mechanoreceptors of the spine are tonic receptors that have to fire continuously as a consequence of the constant presence of gravity. So these joint mechanoreceptors of the spine and the muscle spindles gather and send the greatest amount of information to the brain. Therefore to have health and wellness one has to have spinal and muscle balance.

The information from the joint mechanoreceptors goes through the cerebellum without communication with it, straight to the thalamus. The muscle spindles fire directly into the cerebellum and then to the thalamus. The thalamus also receives information from sound, sight, smell and the labyrinthine ear. The thalamus then sends the information to the new (neo) cortex. The neo cortex then fires or sends information to the brain stem.

The brain stem controls vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, digestion and hormone regulation. It also controls central integration functions such as balance and control of the involuntary muscles of the neck and back. It also has parasympathetic function to inhibit the sympathetic nervous system.

Therefore the greatest quantum of information that the body receives comes from the spinal joint mechanoreceptors and the muscle spindles. To balance the spine and muscles is paramount to wellness.

Bio-Kinetics is a series of procedures used to normalize aberrant brain wave frequencies caused by injuries, emotional experiences, chemical insults and electromagnetic disruptions in the body.

The main benefits of Bio-Kinetics are:

1. Restore optimum function to glands and organs; improving function, resistance and health.

2. Correct and eliminate spinal problems.

3. Reduce healing time from injuries, reduce the pain and swelling from sprains, strains, muscle pulls, disc problems, severe bruising and dislocations.

4. Eliminate allergies and chemical sensitivities.

5. Eliminate the effect of negative feelings such as fears, phobias, guilt, anxieties, depression, hostility, anger and resentment.

6. Balance the body’s own energy frequencies to environmental electro-magnetic frequencies, thus allowing for optimum adaptation to magnetic and other potentially harmful environmental electrical pollution. No need for devices.